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Performing the piano is enjoyable, but when you decide to play with other people, that’s even better! Accompanying the piano, however, is not precisely easy. In fact, it requires some techniques and skills. If you’d like to learn how to accompany the piano, then you’re certainly in the right place. We offer you the top 5 secrets to accompanying the piano for you to harness and improve your abilities in playing this ravish instrument, so read on below!

1. Be Familiar with Key Signatures

You are sure to need this method, especially if you are assisting a singer. Vocalists tend to use the key that’s convenient for their voice, so it’s crucial that you adapt to their preference. Also, some guitarists would even like to switch stuff up with capos, too. However, It doesn’t matter who you assist; you’ll have to be familiar with a number of key signatures.

It’s frustrating when you can’t easily play with your peers since you lack the basic knowledge of keys, so it’s better that you practice the basics. Once you learn the key signatures, everything will be easier for you!

2. Don’t Play the Rhythm

This is a big no-no whenever it relates to accompanying. However, It seems to be something that a ton of pianists do as they perform beside singers as well as other musicians. You are not the prime deal when you’re the accompanist.

So don’t steal the spotlight with a tune which doesn’t fit, or worst, that doesn’t sound very good. Conduct the patterns rather than the melodies.

3. Memorize a Few Go-to Styles to Expand Yourself

Don’t worry if you do not know a particular song’s proper accompaniment.

Music is a craft!

Other than that, there are also plenty of note styles that can fit for about every song. For instance, let’s assume you play the piano, you remember the correct chords for a particular song, but you don’t really know the correct tune for harmony.

That’s fine!

Play the notes; however, don’t press them again and again in a block staccato way

Note: To be good pianist, you need to invest in a piano so you can practice it often.

4. Adhere to the Original Version Until You Grasp It Inside and Out

If you already know what you will be performing ahead of time, utilize technology to your advantage. You can always utilize YouTube to help you learn the sound of the song!

Pay heed to the original edition and what the piano player is doing. You will not have to match it precisely, but you’ll get an understanding of how to make the tone of your playing!

5. Always Have a Plan

Have a strategy, but you shouldn’t carve a plan out of stone.

Preparing is always a great idea, but you can’t guarantee that events will go the way you expected! So analyze the song and practice, but also be versatile.

People have a hard time with it this too, but you need to remember:

No one will like it if you’re not flexible and won’t like it when you’re rigid too. Always be prepared and make sure your back up plan is solid.


Learning the piano can be challenging, especially when you’re practicing it to accompany vocals and other instruments, but with hard work and effort, a lot can be accomplished. Keep these top 5 tips in mind, and you’ll certainly be rewarded in the long run!

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